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Kelp me! I can’t stop

Kelp me! I can’t stop

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Crispy Seaweed

Packed with fiber, seaweed is dense with chlorophyll, which makes it uniquely rich in nutrient content. We decided to take a twist by combining fried food with the already finely thin yet crispy seaweed. Not only that, we are keeping it simple by only using the requisite ingredients to ensure that the taste will not go unblemished. 

Made with a thin yet flavourful slice of crispy spring roll wrapper combined with our premium roasted seaweed. Our ‘Kelp me! I can’t stop’ is dangerously addictive and flavourful.

  • Ingredients: spring roll wrapper, roasted seaweed, salt, oil
  • Description: Aromatic fried seaweed with a slice of crispy spring roll wrapper tossed with a savoury blend of flavour
  • Ingredients


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